Our Lasting Freedom online course offers you a Christ-centered, non-diet approach to working through false beliefs about food and weight so you can live free from disordered eating and negative body image issues.


  • 7 modules, each spanning 6 weeks
  • 42 video lessons
  • "Action Pak" downloads to accompany each lesson, including guided worksheets to take you deeper through activities, notes, journal prompts, and scripture


In keeping with our mission to provide easily-accessible, Christ-centered resources for those seeking freedom from food and body image issues, we offer a variety of pricing options for participants, ministry leaders, professionals, and clinicians. Purchase one module at a time or buy a bundle and SAVE!

Are you ready to lean into TRUTH, break free from food issues, and live the life you were created for?


Take our course for a spin to see if it's right for you! Module 1, Lesson 1 will give you a window into the vision behind FINDINGbalance, and what we believe is God's vision for YOU in finding freedom from eating and body image issues.


FINDINGbalance founder Constance Rhodes begins by sharing from her mom's journal, and then tells some of her own story of walking through disordered eating. With scripture to back up each point, she offers seven practical steps toward making the most of this journey you are about to embark on.

"Action Pak" Download

"Action Pak" 1.1 includes guided worksheets for "Seven Keys to Lasting Freedom" taking you deeper through activities, notes, journal prompts, and scripture. Download before watching the video and jot down anything God reveals to you along the way.

"Lasting Freedom has greatly impacted me as a wife, mother, and grandmother. I now find delight in cooking and baking that I never had before; I always felt restricted in my heart because I was convinced baking foods like bread and desserts were especially sinful. I am free to cook what I want and bless my family with the fruit of my labor and heart. I now talk with my daughters and granddaughters about these things, with courage and in love. I am praying they will always walk in freedom. And I no longer believe everything I think about myself; God has freed me from thinking my husband is always wishing I were a different size!"

Linda B.

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We understandĀ there are financial considerations for thoseĀ seeking help for food issues andĀ GodĀ has made a way for us to offer a few partial Lasting Freedom course scholarships. For more information on Lasting Freedom course scholarships, click here.

Please note, we do not provide financialĀ assistance for eating disorder treatment.

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